Commercial buildings, especially office spaces can be more than just brick and mortar structures. Creative design elements can lend character and charm to an otherwise staid building. Architects typically experiment a lot with the interiors of the buildings but little has been done to enhance the exteriors.

For making the exterior of commercial design attractive, one can try creative facades, green forays and art installations. One such experiment has been done at Vaishnavi Icon, a ground plus six storey commercial building by Vaishnavi group located in the CBD on Richmond Road, just a few meters away from Trinity Circle.

The company has installed a 15-foot sculpture crafted from stainless steel at the entrance of the building premises, which appears as grand and striking as the building itself. The structure that appears to be a wired profile of a human face stands tall as you enter and prompts one to take a deep look at it.

Titled “Exhilaration”, the concept of the sculpture is all about keeping an open mind and letting your imagination run free.The stainless-steel sculpture took 6 months to create and has been conceptualized and executed by well-known sculptor, ArzanKhambatta.

“In the current work scenario where everyone seems to be competing, meeting goals, pushing for deadlines, and in the process losing themselves, this sculpture is about giving the mind a vacation, so the soul can wander,” explains ArzanKhambatta, about his masterpiece.

“In the most stressful of situations, if the mind is open, if you let it breathe, life becomes better and miracles happen. The sculpture aims to bring about a calming, soothing & relaxing feeling to those who view it,” adds ArzanKhambatta.

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