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By Darshan Govindaraju Director, Vaishnavi Group

February 21, 2021: Advanced technology has penetrated every sector and real estate is not far behind. One such technology which is altering the dimensions of construction today is offsite pre cast technology.

While conventional construction is good for small size projects, the use of offsite pre cast technology is proving to be a game changer today in large format construction projects.

Not only is off site pre-cast technology ensuring 50% faster completion time, it also ensures over 60% reduction in pollution through minimised vehicular movement and nearly 40% material conservation. Water is saved through steam curing, there is 100% design efficiency and factory planning reduces input material wastage at construction sites. This also ensures the impact on the environment is minimal across the board.

How offsite pre-cast technology works

Many offsite pre- cast technology driven companies like Katerra are taking construction to another level by implementing the integrated offsite manufacturing technology, where the concept of DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly) is introduced.|

The design efficiency and precision of the immaculately finished product is high given the controlled planning and machine manufacturing while ensuring that the quantum of material usage is significantly reduced. The factory finished concrete elements include in-built mechanical, electrical and plumbing service which guarantees quality and also an unmatched finish of the final product.

The pre-cast internal walls serve as load bearing walls, adding to the strength of the structure. Moreover, being a factory manufactured product, the life of the pre-cast slab is up to 100 years. There is also a 60 – 70 per cent decrease in the requirement of project site managers and engineers, while the hiring of unskilled construction workers is almost eliminated after the completion of the building’s foundation. The scope for human error in the factory fitted pre-cast concrete slabs is non-existent.

In one of our projects, we went a step further and incorporated the fully offsite manufactured bathroom pods which merely have to be plugged into the designated slots on a particular floor plate. These bathroom pods are complete with wall and floor tiling, taps, basin, commode, shower cubicle, exhaust fans and even a mirror, with each merely requiring to be plugged in to the utility lines at site. The toilet pods also ensure that there are no leakages in the bathrooms, which addresses a major pain point for the customers.

The adoption of the integrated offsite manufacturing technology in our project not only resulted in unmatched quality of the final finished apartment units but also completion of the project way before schedule by an unbelievable 20 months.
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